We run checkpoints on the route where we record the passage of the racing boats. The organizers reserve the right to check the competitors in unforetold places. The organizers reserve the right to suspend or postpone the race to a later date due to weather and / or safety reasons.



We do not use route markers in nature to preserve the natural values ​​of Lake Tisza. Competitors will receive a detailed map along with the points along with their GPS coordinates in the starting package. Checkpoints and refreshment points will be marked either on the shore or by boats. The actual points in the race will be clearly visible in the 100 meter radius of the predetermined GPS coordinates.


Penalty and exclusion

Due to the nature of the Regatta, the organizers do not control the route of the teams. They trust in fair racing. Therefore there are no penalties and no exclusion on the Regatta.


Change locations and routes, delete the tournament

The organizers reserve the right to modify the route, checkpoints, refreshments, and alter the time, place or cancellation of the race without notice in the justified cases.