More about rules and regulations

The organizers provide medical service but because of the natural conditions, everyone can take part in the regatta at his own risk.


During the race, a qualified first aid officer is on standby. Participants, however, have to acknowledge that due to the nature of the terrain, the emergence of first aid can be time-consuming at an eventual location. Each participant has a duty to pay particular attention to his/her own and the orhers’ physical integrity. Furthermore, if necessary, everybody has to help the athlete who has suffered an accident.


Any accidents or damages resulting from the unpreparedness, negligence or misery of the participant shall not be the responsibility of the organizers. For each team, it is recommended that you keep a charged, waterproof phone.



The organizers do not rule out the racing of the racers in the boats with animals. Consequently, the organizers are not liable for any liability.


Photos and videos

By entering the competition, the participant accepts that pictures and videos can be taken during the competition. The organizers are free to use these pictures and videos, the participants contribute to this use by paying the entry fee, and in no way justify the organizer any claim.