The Regatta

Be a participant in the IV. International ROWrienteering Regatta on the Lake Tisza (second largest lake in Hungary) on 29 August 2020 where rowers from all over the world are invited. This special regatta offers the unity of sport and nature to all the participants who visit Lake Tisza to share the rowing experience and participate in an exciting summer adventure.


Event venue:       Lake Tisza,

Depot:                City of Sarud, Élményfalu Öko Port

Events:               GIG 4X+; 4x+;Kiel-boat (gig) 2X+

Age limit

Rowers:              14 years

Distance:         20 to 28 km (depending on the weather and the number of paricipants)

During the race, the rowers get around the basins of the Lake Tisza, its channels and the River Tisza. (The exact route, the distance and the checkpoint coordinates will be published at the Technical Meeting of the race.


Participants may start with their own boat and oars, but the organizers offer a limited number of boats and equipment on request. The boats must comply with the provisions of the applicable regulations. Competitors must have the required rescue equipment.


All types of combination for crews are allowed in the boats. To have a fair races, the handicap calculation is used in the competition based on gender and age. Detailed time credits can be found at the end of this description in a separate table. In calculating the credits, the cox does not count, only the rowers, their time credits are added up to calculate the final data. It’s permitted to swap the cox and the rower during the run, in which case the time credit is calculated with the less favourable variation.